What should you in the case of a plumbing emergency?

If you are a homeowner, then you might have possibly experienced plumbing emergencies. Learning how to handle these emergencies may help protect your home. Although plumbing emergencies are different from the normal plumbing accidents, there is always a way to control the situation. For example, burst water pipes can cause flooding which can be damaging in a home. In cases like these, you need to act fast, and that is why you should know what to do in case you have a plumbing emergency. Here is what you should do.

Switch off the water heater

If you have large amounts of water causing flooding in your home, then you should consider switching off your water heater. Even though you don’t know the exact problem yet, this is one way of taking precautions so that escaping water does not burn any of your family members. Additionally, it avoids heating of a leaking or empty tank that might result in overheating of your unit.

Switch off water

When a plumbing emergency arises, turn off the nearest water source as first as you can. If it is the toilet, consider switching off the valve at the base. Some emergencies might be bigger and in this case, consider shutting off the main valve in the home. Most valves can be turned clockwise when shutting off. It is, therefore, necessary to be familiar with the location of valves for every machine around the home. If you notice it is just one fixture that is causing the problem, it is important to switch it off. However, this may depend on where the problem is.

Fix small leaks

Some problems may not require the help of a plumber such as leaking pipes. Such kinds of problems are not difficult to repair. It is also necessary to always keep a plumber’s tape in your toolbox as this might make repairs easier. Alternatively, if you spot such problems, you can put towels and rags around the pipes. Putting buckets under dripping leaks can assist in stopping more damage in your home. While this may help, it is imperative that you notify the plumber about the leaks so that the problems are dealt with in the best way possible. If it is a blockage at the toilet, contact a plumber as he may be in the right position to locate the problem.

Contact a professional plumber

Though you may have put the situation under control, it is worth mentioning that plumbing emergencies can be perilous. They can be dangerous if the water gets into contact with your home’s electrical system. Even as you attempt to fix the issues, keep in mind can be risky especially if you know nothing about plumbing.

Our final word

A plumbing crisis can be stressful and can cause problems if not handled carefully. However, if you take the right steps and cautiously, you can manage the situation without any difficulties. It is also vital to inform every member of your home about the plumbing problem.

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