Plumbing upgrades: Do they help save water?

With years of increased severe drought in many countries, the last thing you want is to misuse water. Our Business Partners over at Plumbers Portsmouth discuss here how investing in simple Plumbing upgrades can make all the difference.

Water prices also continue to go up every year, and most homeowners are searching for ways to conserve water. If you are a homeowner, we have a solution for you, plumbing upgrades.  Performing plumbing upgrades can help save money and water as well. But how does this happen? Continue reading we will tell you how.

How plumbing upgrades help save water

Below is how plumbing upgrades help conserve water.

Efficient faucets

If your kitchen or bathroom faucets are old, the chances are that more water is wasted. This is due to the fact that the kitchen and bathroom are the places where there is a massive usage of water in a home. New faucets are more water efficient than the old ones. Upgrades such as adding a separate aerator to the old fixtures help reduce water flow. Faucet aerators insert air bubbles into the waterway to redirect water without affecting the rinsing potential.  If you don’t know how to install faucets, hiring an expert plumber will not be wrong. New faucet aerators can cut water usage around the home by up to 30%.

High-efficiency toilets

Bathrooms without low-flow toilets can cause water costs to go high due to the high flow of water. If you have one, then consider having a low-flow toilet upgrade. High-efficiency toilets do not use significant amounts of water; they use six liters or less as compared to 13 liters. Since the bathroom is the major user of water in a home, you might end up paying high water bills if you don’t consider these upgrades. Regardless of the number of bathrooms you have in your home, it is necessary to do the upgrades for all of them, if you need to save water.

Reduced shower water flow

If you are a Godly being, then you know that cleanliness is the most important thing for your body. But showering accounts for a massive amount of water usage. If you have shower heads that cannot reduce water flow, then more water is wasted as it continues to flow unnecessarily. Replacing the old models with new ones can assist to reduce water flow and therefore conserving water. New shower heads can help you to control water as well as reduce the pressure and thus saving water.

No leakages

More water wastage occurs when there are plumbing leakages. If these leakages are left for an extended period without being repaired, you may pay high water bills as well as waste a significant amount of water. In case this happens. Consider contacting your expert plumber to do away with the leakages. Alternatively, if you can repair the leakages yourself, it is crucial that you fix them as soon as possible. Repairing leaking pipes can help save water and avert more damage.


While water is essential, it is also necessary that we use it wisely. With the increasing drought each year, plumbing upgrades are the solution to water wastage around the home.

Thank you so much to the Plumber in Portsmouth who provided this article.

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